Rhea is an enthusiastic and hard-working Legal Assistant who joined our team after working as a virtual assistant in many various fields. Her extensive background in customer service and Legal Assistant allows her to help each client to the very best of her ability, ensuring that each of our clients has a personalized positive experience. For most of our clients, Rhea is their first point of contact with the firm. As such, she is passionate about delivering the best experience possible, and she strives to use her empathy to make each person feel truly heard. Her experience in various industries, including data services and operations reports allows her to be a highly organized and effective member of our team. In her free time, Rhea likes to read, spend time with her family, and go to the beach to watch the sunset.

Phoenix Accident and Injury Law Firm are deeply honored to have Rhea Lei Reyes as our Professional Legal Assistant. Her expertise and commitment to her work are a testament to the dedication of the firm to providing unrivaled service to its clients. Her journey, defined by dedication, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, serves as a beacon of inspiration for all. With Rhea on our team, we assure you of the best possible legal assistance.