Marissa is an individual of unique caliber and accomplishment, serving as our competent and compassionate Professional Legal Nurse Consultant. With an extensive background in the medical field, she holds a wealth of experience that is as vast as it is deep. Her educational background is rooted in robust institutions, having obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the respected South Dakota State University. She then furthered her understanding and skill in the medical field by pursuing her Master’s degree in Nursing with the globally recognized University of Phoenix.

Marissa’s rich knowledge base extends across a multitude of domains within the healthcare sector. She has gathered comprehensive expertise in dementia and Alzheimer’s treatment, making her an invaluable asset in geriatric care. Simultaneously, her competence is manifested in her profound knowledge of wound care, oncology, and emergency management. Having honed her skills over a significant span of more than ten years, Marissa stands as a master in her field. Her specialization in identifying deviations from standards of care and comprehending the root causes of injuries that clients may have sustained during their nursing home treatment cements her as a key figure in her role as a Professional Legal Nurse Consultant.

Community Compassion

A distinct characteristic that Marissa embodies, which sets her apart as our Professional Legal Nurse Consultant, is her genuine compassion for clients. She couples this with an unwavering commitment to the pursuit of excellence. Marissa has dedicated herself to the care of patients with a wide range of ailments, including cancer, solid organ transplants, and renal disease. In addition to this, she has tirelessly ensured that nursing home residents’ care plans are meticulously created and scrupulously followed to protect them from any potential harm.

Marissa’s fervor for nursing spurred her transition into an Instructor position at a local college in Minnesota, where she was nominated for the prestigious Teacher of Excellence Award in 2017. This acknowledgment is a testament to her dedication and talent in her chosen field. Besides her professional accomplishments, Marissa’s love for making a positive impact on her community is reflected in her volunteer work. As the Secretary for her city’s Volunteer Ambulance Service, she continues to demonstrate her dedication and heartfelt empathy for others. This commitment to excellence is not only present in her words but also in her actions, embodying the ethos of the Professional Legal Nurse Consultant.

Motivated Mindset 

Marissa’s professional commitments are vast and varied, adding a sense of diversity to her portfolio. Marissa continually embodies her indomitable spirit and drive when not serving as a Medical Director of Nursing or Professional Legal Nurse Consultant. An exemplification of her entrepreneurial spirit can be seen in her food truck business, which she runs with her husband. Every summer weekend, they travel across Minnesota, venturing even into Iowa and South Dakota, serving delectable Indian-style tacos.

Simultaneously, other than being a Professional Legal Nurse Consultant, Marissa’s domestic responsibilities entail caring for her four children, the youngest of whom is just three years old. Balancing professional duties, entrepreneurial ventures, and familial responsibilities is indeed a daunting task. However, Marissa approaches this challenging lifestyle with the same unflinching passion and dedication that she exhibits toward all our clients at Phoenix Accident and Injury Law Firm. 

In conclusion, Phoenix Accident and Injury Law Firm are deeply honored to have Marissa as our Professional Legal Nurse Consultant. Her expertise and commitment to her work are a testament to the dedication of the firm to providing unrivaled service to its clients. Her journey, defined by dedication, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, serves as a beacon of inspiration for all. With Marissa on our team, we assure you of the best possible legal and healthcare consultation.