Arizona Injury Attorneys: Exciting Rebrand from Thompson Law Firm

Since 2005, Thompson Law Firm, staffed by experienced Arizona injury attorneys, has been a premier law firm in the East Valley. Christy, our founder, began this law firm, assembling a team of Arizona injury attorneys, to help the people she knew needed it most- victims of auto accidents and nursing home abuse. From the start, we’ve only had one goal in mind: helping people when they are at their most vulnerable. That’s why we give personalized attention to every case, and why you and your attorney will be on a first-name basis. We work hard to get you the best settlement possible, and that hasn’t changed since the day we opened our doors.

Since then, we have opened 2 new locations, in North Phoenix and Peoria, apart from our original office in Chandler to give our clients better access to us, and our team of Arizona injury attorneys. We have changed to a completely remote process because we know that you want to be at home with your families and spend energy recovering, not driving to an office for a meeting that can be had over the phone. We have expanded our practice areas to include drug recall cases and victims of DUI cases. Every change we make is on behalf of you — our clients — so that we can serve you better and prove that we deserve the title “passionate client advocates”. bolstering our roster of skilled Arizona injury attorneys.

Now, we’re changing again. We are rebranding from Thompson Law Firm to Phoenix Accident and Injury Law Firm, a team of dedicated Arizona injury attorneys. Our rebrand will change your experience on our website and make it easier for you to figure out what the next steps are in your case.

With specialized areas for each part of our practice, you will never have to second-guess where to go next. While our name may have changed, our unceasing dedication to our clients’ experience has not. We will still fight for you to get the best settlement possible so you can close the door on this chapter of your life, and begin the road to recovery.

What Will Change in the Rebrand

A few things that will change are obvious- our name, our logo, and our home page. But, the changes go a little deeper. We’ve added 2 new practice areas: Wrongful Death, and Filing Your Claim. If your family member has passed away in an auto accident, DUI accident, or Nursing Home Abuse incident, it is a completely different set of circumstances than merely being injured. Our team of Arizona injury attorneys knows that you need specialized information and support, so we are here to help.

Similarly, not all claims need an attorney. While it might be shocking that we would promote a practice area that will help you get where you need to be on your own, we know that not every situation needs an attorney. Sometimes you’re not injured and just have property damage. Sometimes the at-fault driver’s insurance has offered you a fair settlement already. Sometimes you may just think that you can do it on your own. We understand that, and while we are here to step in if you need us, we want to help you — either as hands-on Arizona injury attorneys or as a hands-off resource for information. Either way, we have your back.

Additionally, we’ve created article hubs where you can find a wealth of information on certain topics. They are your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about auto accidents, DUI accidents, and nursing home abuse. If you have a question that you don’t see in one of the main articles on our practice areas, go there for more information.

Lastly, you’ll see reviews on our website. This is a relatively new development in and of itself, but to avoid confusion for our new clients, you’ll see some reviews that look like this:

“So grateful I found Ariana and the team at… [Phoenix Accident and Injury] Law Firm! They were incredibly helpful with settling my medical bills and insurance proceeds out. Highly recommended.”

All we’ve done in that review is change “…the team at Thompson Law Firm!” to “…the team at… [Phoenix Accident and Injury] Law Firm!”. This will help our new clients keep our new name straight, while still keeping the integrity of our former clients’ words.

Although a lot may be changing on the surface, we assure you that our changes are indeed only surface level. The things that make us who we are — our unwavering dedication to positive client experiences, our determination to get you the best settlement possible, and our personalized support for each client — have and always will remain unchanged. Our rebrand changes our name, not who we are.

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