The Importance of Legal Representation Negligence Car Accident

You’re probably aware that as a victim of a car, pedestrian, or auto accident, your legal case in Phoenix, Arizona will be considered negligence due to the accident happening through no fault of your own. But, what does that mean in legal terms, and how does that impact your ongoing legal case- and more importantly, your outcome?

When a Negligence Car Accident occurs unintentionally, an attorney will argue that despite the plaintiff’s negligence in causing the accident, there was no intent or premeditation to cause harm or be involved in the accident with you.

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By the way, in the case of a Negligence Car Accident, we go beyond legal representation to address the additional challenges that have been causing you sleepless nights. We expedite the process of obtaining a rental car and assist you in finding a nearby doctor who can provide the necessary care. Our commitment goes beyond having the best legal team; we strive to ensure your quality of life remains sustainable while justice and compensation are pursued.

Our goal is to restore your quality of life, and as your trusted advocates, we offer both long-term legal support and immediate assistance. With our deep understanding of the local Phoenix courts, we are confident in our ability to secure the best possible settlement for you.

Do you know what it really means to be negligent in Arizona?

In a Negligence Car Accident, the focus of the law is on addressing the harm caused by inattention or carelessness, rather than intent, which is typically required in criminal cases. In essence, it’s an accident, but someone is still responsible, and an Arizona court will advocate for your rights as a victim to receive fair compensation that aligns with the specifics of your accident and the resulting suffering.

Examples of when someone has acted negligent and as a result caused an accident, not intentionally but due to their own carelessness include:

  • Driving under the influence of drinks or drugs.
  • Being distracted by a phone or even passenger when driving.
  • Not looking at a junction or ignoring road signs and signals.
  • Pulling out in front of another moving. 

In a Negligence Car Accident case, the attorney will contend that although the incident was unintentional, the plaintiff had a legal obligation to exercise care and caution in order to prevent such accidents. Driving while under the influence of alcohol, for instance, is a behavior that can be easily avoided, highlighting the element of negligence. As both drivers and pedestrians, we all carry the responsibility of ensuring that our actions do not cause harm to others while using Arizona’s roads.

Securing the compensation you deserve in a negligence case

Throughout your Negligence Car Accident case, your legal professional will diligently build a comprehensive argument to secure the compensation you rightfully deserve for the enduring suffering you’ve experienced since the accident. It’s not merely about obtaining compensation for vehicle damage or medical expenses, as your attorney will elucidate. A negligence car case takes into account various other factors that warrant compensation, such as ongoing medical bills, property damage, and even lost workdays directly caused by the accident.

We’ve put together another guide to what it means to be negligent in Arizona that focuses on the law and what the state considers as a negligence case, which you can find here. Understanding your rights in your case and even why your attorney chose to file a case of a negligence car accident will really help you digest and keep up with your case. 

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