If you are filing a personal injury lawsuit in Chandler or Phoenix, be ready. Your personal injury lawyer questions you a lot. Consider personal injury lawyer questions asks a primer because if your case goes to trial, you’ll be asked even more questions (and the person asking them may not be as friendly or sympathetic as your lawyer). It’s important to understand the Personal Injury Lawyer Questions asks—and be ready to answer them.

What Does Your Lawyer Need to Know?

Your attorney is going to ask you several tough personal injury lawyer questions asks but she’ll ask them with your best interests at heart. The more information she has, the more able she’ll be to build a solid strategy to get you the personal injury compensation that you deserve.

Your lawyer will need to know all of the details, so be ready to provide her with a timeline for the day of your accident when you call for your free initial consultation. After hearing your story, she’ll probably ask general personal injury lawyer questions, including:

  • Is there any way you may have been at fault? If your lawyer asks this, don’t feel like she’s shifting the blame to you. She just needs to know what type of argument the other party may try to construct.
  • Who saw the accident happen? There may be witnesses available who can strengthen your case. If there are, your attorney may need to ask them for help.
  • Who is to blame for the accident? Whether you’ve been in a car accident or you slipped and fell in a public space, your lawyer will need to know who’s responsible before she can take any action on your behalf.
  • Were you committing a crime, or was the person who injured you committing a crime, at the time of the accident? Sometimes, crimes such as trespassing can affect your ability to collect damages to pay for your medical bills; likewise, someone who was convicted of drunk driving and caused your injuries may eventually be ordered to pay compensatory and punitive damages.

The Bottom Line

Make sure you volunteer every detail when you’re talking to your personal injury lawyer. Remember, she’s on your side. Her job is to get you the compensation you deserve, whether it’s to help you pay for your hospital bills or to make up for lost wages in the past and in the future.