If you’re thinking about a car accident lawsuit, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the process. Your lawyer will walk you through each step, and if you have questions, you’re always welcome to ask. But it’s nice to know what you’re getting into before you dive in with both feet.

Once you’ve received medical attention and consulted with an attorney who has decided to take on your auto accident lawsuit, you’ll go through a five-stage process. While every case is unique, most auto accident lawsuits follow the same timeline and overarching process.

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The Process for an Auto Accident Lawsuit:

Complaint and Summons

Your attorney will prepare documents that explain what happened, who’s involved, and who you believe is responsible. This document will also include your request for damages. Once they’re prepared, they must be filed with the court.

A filing fee will be assessed by the clerk, but if you have retained us on a contingency basis, we take care of the filing fees on your behalf.

The summons is a formal action by the court, informing the defendant that you have brought action against him. An answer from the defendant is required.

Click here for more information about filing a complaint on your own behalf.

The Defendant’s Answer

The defendant—the person you’re taking to court—will have a chance to admit or deny responsibility to the accusations in the complaint by filing an answer with the court.

It is also likely the defendant will retain an attorney, and his attorney would be filing the answer document with the court in response to your complaint.


In an Auto Accident Lawsuit, after the complaint and answer are filed, both sides engage in the process of gathering information known as discovery.

As part of discovery in the Auto Accident Lawsuit, depositions may be conducted. You and the defendant will be required to provide supporting documents and written responses to questions while under oath. If the questions are answered verbally, a court reporter will record the session after swearing in the defendant or plaintiff to tell the truth.

In the Auto Accident Lawsuit, your lawyer will likely obtain photographs of the accident scene, interview witnesses and experts, and compile a comprehensive file that includes a detailed timeline of the events concerning your case.

During the discovery phase, your lawyer or the defendant’s lawyer can file any of several motions to change the dynamics of the case. The other party can ask the judge to dismiss your case, or either side may ask the judge to force the other into an action.

Settlement or Mediation Conference

Many cases—roughly 85% of them—are settled out of court.

In an Auto Accident Lawsuit, the judge can schedule a settlement conference. Another option is for you and the defendant to mutually decide on engaging a mediator to facilitate discussions regarding the incident and the appropriate amount of damages to be awarded in the Auto Accident Lawsuit.

See more about negotiating a settlement.


Not all auto accident cases go to trial, but if yours does, you’ll be put on the court’s calendar.

You may need to prepare for the likelihood that you will be called to testify in court. You can learn how to prepare to testify and what to expect here.

Your jury will hear the case and make a final determination based on the evidence that you and the defendant provide.

Keep in mind that pushing a case to trial is riskier than getting a decent settlement. We cannot predict how the case will turn out in trial, and it’s possible you may receive less in damages than you would have otherwise gotten in a settlement.

Auto Accident Lawsuit: You Do Not Have to Do This Alone

While you can file a complaint and summons on your own, please understand you don’t have to do this all by yourself. Your attorney will be with you every step of the way, providing guidance and answering all of your questions. Because we get paid on contingency, filing and court fees will be taken care of along the way, and we don’t get paid until you get paid.

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