Your first call will be to your insurance company, not to make a claim but to notify them of your auto accident. Your second call will be to the other driver’s insurance company. Be prepared and take notes. You will be making a claim against the at fault driver’s insurance for an auto accident that they caused and their insurance is there to protect them, not you.

You will provide your name, address, contact information, make and model of your car, where and when the accident occurred and your own insurance information. The adjuster will ask for your version of events of the auto accident.

A claims adjuster for the other party in this car accident may try to get you to do or say something that could hurt your claim. That is why it is best to say as little as possible.

If the other party’s claims adjuster calls you, all you need to share is your name and address. You can also tell them your lawyer’s name and contact information, if you’ve retained a lawyer.

You shouldn’t discuss the details of the car accident or your injury. Just tell the adjuster that you may (or will) be making a claim at the appropriate time.

If the claims adjuster asks to record the call, say no. If the claims adjuster gets pushy, feel free to hang up.

In case, if you want to find out whether the other insurance company has accepted 100% liability for the accident, you can ask the claims processor for your own insurance company.

If the other insurance company hasn’t accepted liability, you can ask them why not via email or fax. Again, it’s best not to get involved in any kind of a phone call.

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