We’ve all been in this situation before: You stop at an intersection because you have a red light. The light turns green, and the driver going the opposite direction just keeps driving, despite the fact that their light is red. Red-light runners are very common. Many people who run red lights don’t cause accidents, but some cause accidents because other drivers just can’t react quickly enough.  

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How Many Accidents Are Caused by Running Red Lights? 

Did you know that a national campaign to stop red-light runners showed that Arizona is the leader in red-light runner accidents? Approximately 7,500 people are injured yearly in Arizona by a red-light runner, with about 80 fatalities throughout the state. 

How Do You Know if Someone is a Red-Light Runner?  

There are a few different ways to know if someone ran a red light. If there was no accident, then either the driver will get away with it, or will be captured by a red-light camera and possibly issue a ticket. However, if an accident did occur, it’s important to know who ran the red light to establish fault. Sometimes, the person who caused the accident will admit they ran the red light.

Other times, they will swear that it was green. If this is the case, the police will try to find out if they did actually run the red light. They will do this through talking to impartial eyewitnesses, looking at the footage of any store that has cameras and could capture the accident, and looking at red light cameras that record footage.  

Do Red Light Cameras Cause More Accidents? 

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, while red light cameras decrease front to side collisions by about 25% (T-bone collisions), they increased rear end collisions by about 15%. Even though the number of rear-end accidents increased, rear-end accidents are much less likely to cause serious injuries or fatalities, which means red-light cameras have a net positive impact.  

Does Arizona Have Red Light Cameras? 

Yes, because Arizona has higher than average red-light runners, there are cameras at many intersections. Cities across the state have reported fewer auto accidents as a result. However, the cameras are unpopular and are considered just revenue generators for cities.  

19 cities in Arizona have red-light cameras but only six cities actively use them and as of 2021, Phoenix City Council is banning red-light cameras. The red-light cameras in Phoenix are located at the following intersections:  

  • 35th Avenue & Cactus Road 
  • 35th Avenue & Glendale Avenue 
  • 16th Street & Jefferson Street 
  • Tatum Boulevard & Thunderbird Road 
  • 67th Avenue & McDowell Road 
  • Central Avenue & McDowell Road 
  • 53rd Avenue & Indian School Road 
  • 50th Street & Ray Road 
  • 7th Street & Bell Road 
  • 12th Street & Camelback Road 
  • 35th Avenue & McDowell Road 
  • 24th Street & Thomas Road  

Does the East Valley Have Red Light Cameras? 

Chandler, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Tempe all use photo enforcement, Gilbert doesn’t. The East Valley Photo Enforcement cameras and vans are as follows:  

  • Tempe has 20 red-light cameras at various intersections. 
  • Chandler has 11 red-light cameras at various intersections.  
  • Mesa has 30 red-light cameras at various intersections. 
  • Scottsdale has 9 red-light cameras at various intersections. 

Resources Near Me 

If you have been in a red- light runner accident and need to have your car repaired, here are some mechanics who can help.  

Phoenix Best Mobile Mechanic 

Auto Repair 2 You  

Action Auto Repair

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