A rear-end collision is an accident that happens when a vehicle crashes into the back of the vehicle in front that has usually stopped. Usually, rear-end collisions happen when one vehicle suddenly stops or slows down causing the car behind to hit them as they have little to no time to react. Rear-end crashes can also happen when a vehicle quickly accelerates into a vehicle in front at an intersection or crossing as the diver expected the front vehicle to move

Whilst rear-end collisions tend to happen at lower speeds, they can cause surprisingly significant injuries such as whiplash and even hernias. As experienced accident attorneys, we’ve represented a number of rear-end collision cases and seen many different injury and compensation outcomes.

What Causes Rear End Collisions?

Rear end accidents happen for a whole range of reasons and have been rising in the last few years as more people take to the highways. Whilst every accident is unique, there are some common causes including;

  • Drivers being distracted by their phones or even passengers 
  • Tailgating the car in front 
  • Delayed reactions due to age, eyesight, or being on medication
  • Panic stops
  • General erratic driving
  • Reduced traction due to weather or worn pavement

When a rear-end crash happens, it can be easy to assume the driver crashing into the back of another vehicle is at fault but often that isn’t the case.

Who’s at Fault in Rear-End Accidents?

When it comes to finding fault in rear-end collisions, most insurance companies, and even police officers at the scene blame the driver who drove into the vehicle in front of them. The blame is based on the assumption they didn’t leave enough space or react quickly enough to prevent an accident from happening. 

But, sometimes an accident attorney can find fault in the vehicle that stopped suddenly without warning. Although these types of accidents typically happen at a slower speed or even stationery, they can still cause ongoing injuries and some of them have had deadly consequences.

Common Injuries Caused By Rear-End Crashes

If you’ve been hit by another vehicle regardless of where you were sitting in the car at the time, it’s going to hurt. The more common injuries that come from being hit by another vehicle are whiplash and muscle soreness as the body is suddenly hit by something heavy. Seatbelts often cause neck and back pain too as they work hard to stop the body from moving forward. 

The more severe injuries tend to happen when someone isn’t wearing a seatbelt or if a passenger is sitting in the back or boot of the vehicle. Tragically, speed is also a factor in the injuries caused, and rear-end collisions have ended in death often for passengers in the crumple-zones who were hit at high speeds than 20mph. 

Rear-End Crash Compensation

The US insurance industry processes rear-end claims worth over $8.5billion each year, according to the Institute for Highway Safety, meaning rear-end collisions cost big bucks. These costs will include medical treatment, any time off taken from work by the victim, as well as the pain and suffering as a result of rear-end collisions. Working with an experienced accident attorney will mean your case is more likely to be successful when it goes to court and your compensation will truly reflect your ongoing pain and suffering.

If you’ve been involved in a rear-end collisions and want to work with the leading law firm for Arizona, why not speak to our team today. We’re always happy to give a free consultation for your potential case and could help you secure the compensation you deserve.